Thursday, December 30, 2010


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This, specifically is the 1/10 of your total income,
now the bible told us that 1/10 of your total income is your tithe,
therefore in Deuteronomy 14:22-27 the bible told us to go to the house of God to eat our tithe there,
and not to give it there, though its up to you to either eat or give away,
and that if the way is too long we should sell the products and bind the money in our hand and take it to the house of God where the Lord has made himself to be worshiped and use the money to buy anything that our heart desires and eat it there including strong drinks , after reading this I wondered why the present generation Churches  only tell us to pay our tithe to the church and not to eat it there, is it that they have never read this portion of the bible or that they blatantly refuse to preach it to their members for fear of loosing the tithe that their members will be paying to them.
    Now somebody will wonder why God told us in the book of Malachi to bring the full tithe of our products to his house so there will be food in his house, while he told us to eat it there, I believe the reason why he told us to eat it there is because he know that we will not be able to finish the full tithe of our products so he told us to eat  it there so that the remaining produce will be left in the house of God, inveriablly if you have respect for God you will seperate the one you want to eat and give the remaining to the Church before eating your own you and your household, therefore each time you are paying your tithe and somebody tells you that you are not paying your full tithe know it that you are suposed to eat some of it.