Thursday, December 30, 2010


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now the bible told us that 1/10 of your total income is your tithe,
therefore in Deuteronomy 14:22-27 the bible told us to go to the house of God to eat our tithe there,
and not to give it there, though its up to you to either eat or give away,
and that if the way is too long we should sell the products and bind the money in our hand and take it to the house of God where the Lord has made himself to be worshiped and use the money to buy anything that our heart desires and eat it there including strong drinks , after reading this I wondered why the present generation Churches  only tell us to pay our tithe to the church and not to eat it there, is it that they have never read this portion of the bible or that they blatantly refuse to preach it to their members for fear of loosing the tithe that their members will be paying to them.
    Now somebody will wonder why God told us in the book of Malachi to bring the full tithe of our products to his house so there will be food in his house, while he told us to eat it there, I believe the reason why he told us to eat it there is because he know that we will not be able to finish the full tithe of our products so he told us to eat  it there so that the remaining produce will be left in the house of God, inveriablly if you have respect for God you will seperate the one you want to eat and give the remaining to the Church before eating your own you and your household, therefore each time you are paying your tithe and somebody tells you that you are not paying your full tithe know it that you are suposed to eat some of it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

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Friday, October 29, 2010


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            This is a word that is often misused,
or misunderstood, in the sense that
when a man tells a girl that he loves her
the only thing that comes to her mind is that he
wants to sleep with her,
in the same vain,
if a man wants to sleep with a girl,
he will tell her that he loves her.
This confusion makes it difficult to differentiate between love and lust,  
the bible made us to understand what love is
in the book of Corinthians chapter 13 verse 4,
which says that love is kind, love is patience, etc.
Any other love that is anything away from that is not love.
There is this saying that the kingdom of heaven is built on love,
while the kingdom of earth is built on oil and gas,
therefore when you are talking about Christianity
you talk about love.
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Therefore based on what love is in the bible,
you are not suppose to screw a girl if you love her,
unless it is lust you are talking about,
because in the process you might get her pregnant,
which will in turn lead to abortion or unprepared  marriage
which will within a shot time lead to divorce which God hates.
Or it might lead to abortion in the hand of a quack which will lead to death.
looking therefore at what love is causing or should I call it lust you will not get involved.
and to worsen the situation churches have introduced what is called courtship,
which young men are now using to sleep with all the girls in their churches
when you ask them they will tell you that they are courting each other.
he will latter dump her for another one when you ask him again he will tell you that the other one was never the will of God,
now where there is a problems is that, when the young man finally wants to marry
and decides to marry the same girl he was courting or one of them
the church will now tell him that he should look for a wife to marry not that one he was going out with
you start wondering weather the church should not be telling him to marry the one he has been going out with instead of telling
him to look for another one apart from that one.     

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Means to restore or give back anything,
taken away from somebody by force, or unlawfully,
people tend to take one thing or the other from people,
in cause of their life,
taking away things could involve,
from taking away taking away material things,
to taking away loved ones that is killing,
or killing someone's spirit.
There are so many ways of taking away things from people,
like robbery, cheating, stealling,etc.
Now after doing one or two of this for some time,
they repent and become Christians,
in the actual sense they don't do those things any more,
they are now born again Christians,
they don't cheat any more or steal anymore,
they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.
they now live good lives without blemish,
and that is that they are now good Christians.
But that is not enough, why because you have killed before,
cheated before, and you just want to forget about that and move on,
that is possible, but not enough,
because you will have to restore what you have stolen, 

one way or the other,
you either restore it yourself, 

or it will be taken away from you without knowing it,
this is some of the reasons why some people become Christians,
and things don't take the shape they espect,
this is because they fail to restore what they have taken 

away from people,
and they law of restitution takes it away from them,
as such they toil for some time without making any headway,
because it is beeing taken away from them,
Some people might quote to me the thief that was crusified with Jesus Christ,
but will not Quote Zacchaeus for me,
neither will they quote Abraham and Abimalech, and so many others.
The thing is that, this pastor that tell people to come as they are,
that it doesn't matter how they dress all that matters is their hearts,
also tell them that when they born again all that matters is their heart and their believe,
old things are passed away, all things have become new,
Forgeting that when Abimalech took Abraham's wife,
though not knowing that it is somebody's wife,
God still sruck his farmily with bareness,
and told Abimalch to restore Abraham's wife,
so that Abraham will pray for him and his farmily will be healed.   
therefore when someone becomes born again, 

he is suposed to restore,
as much as he can, what he has taken from other people,
but since they are beeing told that it doesn't matter,

I don't know what to say any more.
though somebody like zacchaeus, 

deemed it fit to restore and when he did Jesus Christ said,
today salvation has come to this house, 

since he is also a son of Abraham. Luke 19:1-10.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking around you will wonder what is wrong with the present generation,
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girls will want sow a short or mini skirt,
but because they don't want to be viewed as wayward,
they will sow a long skirt that will cover legs completely,

they then slit it open to the hip,
you therefore wonder what she has succeeded in doing,
because that material will have been enough to sow two skirts if she so desires.
girls are are now going naked in the street in the name of fashion,
the other day I was comming out of a restuarant,
I saw a pretty girl on a motor bike,
her face look familiar so I looked closely to see if I will recognise her,
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while I was still looking the bike in question stopped in front of the restuarant    
the girl now started to struggle to get down from the bike,
then I heard a sound like that of a fabric that just tore,
the next thing I saw was the girl clutching at her skirt trying to cover her ass
I then rearlized that her skirt have torn from the slit thereby extending the slit.
I started wondering why she was trying to cover the ass,
since she wanted people to see it which was why she made the long slit
I wanted to tell her that it would have looked better that way
but changed my mind knowing how insultive they can be at times
especially when upset.
That gets you wondering, since she wants her ass to seen by every one
why is she trying to cover it when her skirt did a better job for her.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



There is this confusion that seems to be prevalent about being blessed,
you see a man that is healthy with maybe three healthy children that have no problems,
he feeds them well and they all go to school and come back everyday without any problem,
and you see him praying that God should bless him.
You see a young healthy lady, with a good job living well
and she is asking God to bless her.
There are wealthy men real wealthy with the world as if they own it but have no children
and they are asking  God to bless them,
there are wealthy men with children and everything they might need in life but their children
are wayword and gives them lots of problems they also ask for Gods blessings.
and on and on and on the list goes.
the man that is able to train his children well feed them well and provide for them
didn't know that he is the most blessed of all because he is healthy,
he needed children God gave him children,
and provided for him what he will use to train them, they are all healthy,
and he is able to send them to school,
though not the best schools but a good one,
now he feels he is not blessed because he is not wealthy,
The young lady that have a good job and is living well.
feels she is not blessed because she is not married.
The very wealthy man that has no children, might actually not be blessed,
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but almost every human beeing will like to be in his shoe since we all refare
to wealth as blessings.
then the man that has riches has children and they are all wayward and useless
initially might be the most blessed of all,
but at a point when his children start growing he will find out that there is a problem
so on the whole the bible said that the blessings of God comes with no sorrow
therefore the man that is bless with good children  and is able to train them well,
is blessed so should be patient and God will bless him with riches at his oun time if he so desires,
so will he give a husband to the young lady because he knows that she needs it
so will he bless every one arcording to his rches in glory if we persivere.
but the problem is that the blessed man that feels he is not blessed
will at a point in time look for shortcut to what he want which will eventually lead to sorrow.
therefore be contented with what you have and God will give you more.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is the only way through which man communicates with God,
man, therefore has to mind they way he goes about it, 
because God is Heaven and man on earth therefore man needs to be careful.
And my understanding of the word pray means to beg or plead,
but now we don't beg or plead anymore but instruct,
man now instructs his creator on what to do,
when the bible have already made us to understand that,
going by our righteousness we are not worthy to call upon God,
because he said that the righteousness of the most righteous is like a filthy rag before him,

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if such is the case of our righteousness where did we get the boldness the effrontery the impetus 
to talk to God the he is doing,
you will see somebody praying and shouting, who are you shouting at.
you will see somebody praying and giving orders, who are you giving orders to,
and when you ask them they will tell you that it doesn't matter how you pray, 
that what matters is the way you live your life, 
some will quot Jesus Christ by saying from the time of John the baptist the kingdom of God
surfer violence and the men of violence take it by force,
they are now taking by force by shouting on God,
and for those that say it doesn't matter how you pray,
when you are trying to get something from your fellow human being how do you go about it,
you beg as if your life depends on it, but when you want to get something from God you shout,
beware for the book of Ecclesiastes said that it is better to draw near and watch,
than to offer the sacrifice of fools. which one are you doing.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



When God created man, He created him in his own image,
the book of Genesis chapter 1:1 told the whole story of creation.
Man was supposed to worship God, while in the garden of Eden,
but somehow man disappointed God,
he disappointed God by disobedience, Banner  1
after punishing man God put him outside the garden of eden,
to fend for himself,
After sometime God gave man an oportunity to repent and come back because man was going far away from his creator.
Therefore Moses told them that God will raise a prophet like him among their brethren,
which God fulfilled by sending his only begotten son Jesus Christ to come and die for mankind,
so that whosoever belives in him will not perish but have everlasting life.
The law as handed down by Moses became obsolet at the coming of Jesus Christ,
though that doesn't mean that the law should be disobeyed,
Jesus Christ made us to understand during his preachings that the whole commandment is sumed up in this two commandments:
You shall love God with all your heart and with all your streinght,
the second is Love your neighbour as yourself,
Paul also made us to understand that love is the ultimate thing,
he said that if you like be the highest in everything, if you don't have love you have nothing.

If you love God, you will worship Him,
you will reverece Him,
you will obey him in all things, like
avoiding every form of sin,
striving to please God at all time,
striving towards being perfect like Him,

If you love your neighbour as yourself,
you will not want to hurt him in any way,
since you cannot hurt yourself.
You will not want to comit adultry with his wife,
neigther will you want to funicate with his doughter,
nor will you covet his goods,
you will not want to kill him.
Therefore if man is able to love God,
love his neighbour as himself and go about his business there wont problem anywhere,
For that is the whole duty of man.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


To be a christian simply means to be like Christ in every way,
which makes me to wonder why christian values are decreasing daily.
The Christendom   as a whole seems to be confused, not knowing what to believe anymore,
due to the fact that those who are supposed to be telling us the truth seems to either be blatantly lying or don't know what to teach, they are now busy chasing shadows and letting the substance go.
take for instance a situation where a pastor will be preaching a sermon or doctrine or dogma which he knows is contradictory to the word of God.
I actually find it difficult to believe that they actually read the bible before going to the podium,
in fact I find it difficult to believe that they are confused, I rather believe that they are busy chasing shadows.

For instance when I was a kid, we do go to church to worship, that is those that have accepted Christianity
And the other villagers that have not accepted the new religion as they called it stand in awe of the Christians
Because they noticed something different in the way they live their lives.
While at it they noticed the kind of peace that these converts have,
They started to understand that there is something special in this religion,
Some wanted to join but could not, because they find it difficult to understand the mercy of God.
Others summoned courage and joined.
With time they became interested but said that they can’t go into the church because as they said they were not clean enough to go in.
And since they were not ready to forsake their ways they remained outside and watched,
it came to a time when they started coming near most especially during the harvest thanksgiving,
in Igbo land what is known is the new yam festival which we were made to believe that if we eat yam before the new yam festival something bad will happen,
so when nothing happened to the Christians when they ate the new yam before the festivals people actually stated paying interest,
to the extent that they started coming to church once a year that is during the harvest thanksgiving but they normally stand outside to watch what is happening inside the church,
when the thanksgiving starts they pass their own thanksgiving i.e farm produce through the window so that people will help them take it to the altar because they believe that they are too dirty spiritually, to go into the church.
After some years they started going to church and started attending church services without any guilt,
why because they started seeing some of the Christians doing things that even them cannot do,
therefore they started wondering if this people can do this despite being Christians then why are they afraid to go into the church,
and that was how evil started growing in the church to the extent that they now go into the church with their juju powers to try and see how powerful the priest or pastor is.
You might be wondering what the Christians did that was so bad, 
a hidden will not remove or take or steal anything that is used for sacrifice,
but during a particular harvest thanksgiving a church member took a grass cutter that was used for thanksgiving and hid it somewhere and a woman caught him and reported him to the pastor and the news spread abroad.
Moreover people started opening churches here and there with different names, 
initially it was viewed as a growth,
then money started coming in, then messages started changing, pastors started preaching    what people want to here instead of what God want them to preach,
contrary to the word of God they tell people to dress to church any how they want,
that it is not their outward appearance that God is concern About but their souls,
forgetting that first impression matters in everything.
There is no doubt that some of them are gifted in one way or the other,
but at a point the gifts fade away due to the fact that they are no more in the spirit so the downfall starts.
when he realizes that he cannot heal anymore,
he looks for a contrary power to supplement,
because he can’t bear the thought of his members finding out that he cannot heal anymore.
Now with the kind of money that is flowing he can’t bear the thought of leaving the whole thing in the hands of another man in case he passes on,
he now started looking for solution he then decided to ordain his wife as a pastor Mrs. Contrary to the word of God Now making the church a family business.
In the cause of events his members will realize how powerful he has become they now start worshiping him knowingly or unknowingly I don’t know.
because when somebody tells you to hang your pastor’s picture in your shop and you will sell endlessly
or that when you hang you pastor’s picture in your house armed rubber will not rub you, is he God?