Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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Means to restore or give back anything,
taken away from somebody by force, or unlawfully,
people tend to take one thing or the other from people,
in cause of their life,
taking away things could involve,
from taking away taking away material things,
to taking away loved ones that is killing,
or killing someone's spirit.
There are so many ways of taking away things from people,
like robbery, cheating, stealling,etc.
Now after doing one or two of this for some time,
they repent and become Christians,
in the actual sense they don't do those things any more,
they are now born again Christians,
they don't cheat any more or steal anymore,
they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.
they now live good lives without blemish,
and that is that they are now good Christians.
But that is not enough, why because you have killed before,
cheated before, and you just want to forget about that and move on,
that is possible, but not enough,
because you will have to restore what you have stolen, 

one way or the other,
you either restore it yourself, 

or it will be taken away from you without knowing it,
this is some of the reasons why some people become Christians,
and things don't take the shape they espect,
this is because they fail to restore what they have taken 

away from people,
and they law of restitution takes it away from them,
as such they toil for some time without making any headway,
because it is beeing taken away from them,
Some people might quote to me the thief that was crusified with Jesus Christ,
but will not Quote Zacchaeus for me,
neither will they quote Abraham and Abimalech, and so many others.
The thing is that, this pastor that tell people to come as they are,
that it doesn't matter how they dress all that matters is their hearts,
also tell them that when they born again all that matters is their heart and their believe,
old things are passed away, all things have become new,
Forgeting that when Abimalech took Abraham's wife,
though not knowing that it is somebody's wife,
God still sruck his farmily with bareness,
and told Abimalch to restore Abraham's wife,
so that Abraham will pray for him and his farmily will be healed.   
therefore when someone becomes born again, 

he is suposed to restore,
as much as he can, what he has taken from other people,
but since they are beeing told that it doesn't matter,

I don't know what to say any more.
though somebody like zacchaeus, 

deemed it fit to restore and when he did Jesus Christ said,
today salvation has come to this house, 

since he is also a son of Abraham. Luke 19:1-10.

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