Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking around you will wonder what is wrong with the present generation,
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girls will want sow a short or mini skirt,
but because they don't want to be viewed as wayward,
they will sow a long skirt that will cover legs completely,

they then slit it open to the hip,
you therefore wonder what she has succeeded in doing,
because that material will have been enough to sow two skirts if she so desires.
girls are are now going naked in the street in the name of fashion,
the other day I was comming out of a restuarant,
I saw a pretty girl on a motor bike,
her face look familiar so I looked closely to see if I will recognise her,
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while I was still looking the bike in question stopped in front of the restuarant    
the girl now started to struggle to get down from the bike,
then I heard a sound like that of a fabric that just tore,
the next thing I saw was the girl clutching at her skirt trying to cover her ass
I then rearlized that her skirt have torn from the slit thereby extending the slit.
I started wondering why she was trying to cover the ass,
since she wanted people to see it which was why she made the long slit
I wanted to tell her that it would have looked better that way
but changed my mind knowing how insultive they can be at times
especially when upset.
That gets you wondering, since she wants her ass to seen by every one
why is she trying to cover it when her skirt did a better job for her.
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