Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is the only way through which man communicates with God,
man, therefore has to mind they way he goes about it, 
because God is Heaven and man on earth therefore man needs to be careful.
And my understanding of the word pray means to beg or plead,
but now we don't beg or plead anymore but instruct,
man now instructs his creator on what to do,
when the bible have already made us to understand that,
going by our righteousness we are not worthy to call upon God,
because he said that the righteousness of the most righteous is like a filthy rag before him,

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if such is the case of our righteousness where did we get the boldness the effrontery the impetus 
to talk to God the he is doing,
you will see somebody praying and shouting, who are you shouting at.
you will see somebody praying and giving orders, who are you giving orders to,
and when you ask them they will tell you that it doesn't matter how you pray, 
that what matters is the way you live your life, 
some will quot Jesus Christ by saying from the time of John the baptist the kingdom of God
surfer violence and the men of violence take it by force,
they are now taking by force by shouting on God,
and for those that say it doesn't matter how you pray,
when you are trying to get something from your fellow human being how do you go about it,
you beg as if your life depends on it, but when you want to get something from God you shout,
beware for the book of Ecclesiastes said that it is better to draw near and watch,
than to offer the sacrifice of fools. which one are you doing.

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