Thursday, July 8, 2010


To be a christian simply means to be like Christ in every way,
which makes me to wonder why christian values are decreasing daily.
The Christendom   as a whole seems to be confused, not knowing what to believe anymore,
due to the fact that those who are supposed to be telling us the truth seems to either be blatantly lying or don't know what to teach, they are now busy chasing shadows and letting the substance go.
take for instance a situation where a pastor will be preaching a sermon or doctrine or dogma which he knows is contradictory to the word of God.
I actually find it difficult to believe that they actually read the bible before going to the podium,
in fact I find it difficult to believe that they are confused, I rather believe that they are busy chasing shadows.

For instance when I was a kid, we do go to church to worship, that is those that have accepted Christianity
And the other villagers that have not accepted the new religion as they called it stand in awe of the Christians
Because they noticed something different in the way they live their lives.
While at it they noticed the kind of peace that these converts have,
They started to understand that there is something special in this religion,
Some wanted to join but could not, because they find it difficult to understand the mercy of God.
Others summoned courage and joined.
With time they became interested but said that they can’t go into the church because as they said they were not clean enough to go in.
And since they were not ready to forsake their ways they remained outside and watched,
it came to a time when they started coming near most especially during the harvest thanksgiving,
in Igbo land what is known is the new yam festival which we were made to believe that if we eat yam before the new yam festival something bad will happen,
so when nothing happened to the Christians when they ate the new yam before the festivals people actually stated paying interest,
to the extent that they started coming to church once a year that is during the harvest thanksgiving but they normally stand outside to watch what is happening inside the church,
when the thanksgiving starts they pass their own thanksgiving i.e farm produce through the window so that people will help them take it to the altar because they believe that they are too dirty spiritually, to go into the church.
After some years they started going to church and started attending church services without any guilt,
why because they started seeing some of the Christians doing things that even them cannot do,
therefore they started wondering if this people can do this despite being Christians then why are they afraid to go into the church,
and that was how evil started growing in the church to the extent that they now go into the church with their juju powers to try and see how powerful the priest or pastor is.
You might be wondering what the Christians did that was so bad, 
a hidden will not remove or take or steal anything that is used for sacrifice,
but during a particular harvest thanksgiving a church member took a grass cutter that was used for thanksgiving and hid it somewhere and a woman caught him and reported him to the pastor and the news spread abroad.
Moreover people started opening churches here and there with different names, 
initially it was viewed as a growth,
then money started coming in, then messages started changing, pastors started preaching    what people want to here instead of what God want them to preach,
contrary to the word of God they tell people to dress to church any how they want,
that it is not their outward appearance that God is concern About but their souls,
forgetting that first impression matters in everything.
There is no doubt that some of them are gifted in one way or the other,
but at a point the gifts fade away due to the fact that they are no more in the spirit so the downfall starts.
when he realizes that he cannot heal anymore,
he looks for a contrary power to supplement,
because he can’t bear the thought of his members finding out that he cannot heal anymore.
Now with the kind of money that is flowing he can’t bear the thought of leaving the whole thing in the hands of another man in case he passes on,
he now started looking for solution he then decided to ordain his wife as a pastor Mrs. Contrary to the word of God Now making the church a family business.
In the cause of events his members will realize how powerful he has become they now start worshiping him knowingly or unknowingly I don’t know.
because when somebody tells you to hang your pastor’s picture in your shop and you will sell endlessly
or that when you hang you pastor’s picture in your house armed rubber will not rub you, is he God?


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