Friday, October 29, 2010


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            This is a word that is often misused,
or misunderstood, in the sense that
when a man tells a girl that he loves her
the only thing that comes to her mind is that he
wants to sleep with her,
in the same vain,
if a man wants to sleep with a girl,
he will tell her that he loves her.
This confusion makes it difficult to differentiate between love and lust,  
the bible made us to understand what love is
in the book of Corinthians chapter 13 verse 4,
which says that love is kind, love is patience, etc.
Any other love that is anything away from that is not love.
There is this saying that the kingdom of heaven is built on love,
while the kingdom of earth is built on oil and gas,
therefore when you are talking about Christianity
you talk about love.
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Therefore based on what love is in the bible,
you are not suppose to screw a girl if you love her,
unless it is lust you are talking about,
because in the process you might get her pregnant,
which will in turn lead to abortion or unprepared  marriage
which will within a shot time lead to divorce which God hates.
Or it might lead to abortion in the hand of a quack which will lead to death.
looking therefore at what love is causing or should I call it lust you will not get involved.
and to worsen the situation churches have introduced what is called courtship,
which young men are now using to sleep with all the girls in their churches
when you ask them they will tell you that they are courting each other.
he will latter dump her for another one when you ask him again he will tell you that the other one was never the will of God,
now where there is a problems is that, when the young man finally wants to marry
and decides to marry the same girl he was courting or one of them
the church will now tell him that he should look for a wife to marry not that one he was going out with
you start wondering weather the church should not be telling him to marry the one he has been going out with instead of telling
him to look for another one apart from that one.     

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