Monday, August 15, 2011



Now this is another tough one, some people will say,
but I don't think so.
The bible said obedience is better than sacrifice,
that is to say that it better to obey God's word or instruction
than to sacrifice ten thousand rams,
in those days rams were used for sacrifice but in present day money is used
as such the word of God is saying that,
it is better to obey his word than to give lots of money to to him,
but my understanding from the sermons of most this so called men of God
is that sacrifice is better than obedience,
meaning the more money you are willing to give,
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the more you are free to do whatever you feel like doing,
if not what do they mean by come the way you are
that is to say that as long as your pocket is loaded,
you might as well come naked.
this is why some churches now wed gay in the church
because the gays are usually loaded withcash
and maybe usually donate generously to the church,
they are now padoned from their sins,
I was wondering why those gay didn't go to the court to get married,
maybe because the court will not wed them due to the imorallity of it,
then the church, the embodiment as surposed of moral standerds
didn't see anything wrong in wedding them,
may God help us.
If you will ask me I will say that this is the desolating sacrilage
spoken of by the prophet daniel which our Lord Jesus christ said that
when you see it happening those on the hill should not bother to go
into the house to pick anything. because He is near
but God knows best and
may He have mercy on us.

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